Cat Boarding

Our cattery is a bright, quiet, and cheerful space with lots for our furry friends to fill their time. They can discover the many hiding places, high and low, or play ‘hide and sleep’ in our climbing towers. Our bay windows, complete with comfy cushions, await our sleepy sun seekers where wakeful moments can be spent observing the birds or watching the breeze flow through the surrounding trees.

A large fully enclosed cat garden invites the curiosity seekers outside for a walk in the grass or a quick nap in the shade of the shrubbery on a warm afternoon.

Each guest sleeps and eats in his/her own condo, but has full access to the play areas during the day. Socializing with others is dependent on each owners’ wishes and your pet's disposition. Private playtime can be easily arranged if desired.

What to bring

  • food from home is best for our guest's routine, however, we can supply food at no extra charge
  • medication, if necessary, is administered at no extra charge

  • special care instructions

  • emergency contact information (very important as this person must be entrusted to provide appropriate guidance in owner's absence)

  • toys, blankets, small beds etc. are welcome

  • owners must provide proof of vaccination for the following:
    a) Annuals
    b) Rabies

  • Blankets, litter boxes/litter and dishes are supplied

A Boarding Agreement must be filled out at time of check in or you download one here and bring it in with you.

Boarding costs
Cats - $17.00/night

A deposit is required for all long term and peak season reservations.  This deposit is fully refundable given 2 weeks notice.

Contact us for multiple cat and longterm boarding rates!

Check out time is 12:00 noon

Contact us for more information

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